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Earring Care

I make earrings using a variety of materials. In general, these tips apply to all types of earrings, but especially to my handmade resin earrings. 

  • Avoid chemical contact. Put them on after you've finished applying hair products, perfume and makeup. 
  • Keep them dry. This will slow down the ageing process. 
  • When not being worn, tuck them away out of direct sunlight. In general, UV damage causes most materials to fade/age faster. 
  • Avoid roughly removing the ear nut from the earring post. This can cause the post to detach from the earring over time. Try to be gentle with your earrings at all times. Should your earring post detach, contact us using the contact form provided for ideas on how to repair your earring. 

In summary, treat your earrings with care when handling or storing them.